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How to make text appear and disappear on tiktok

Here we show you simple steps how to animate your text in TikTok Videos:

Step One: Open your TikTok and record your video, or choose video from your photo gallery.

Step Two: Choose your video where you want to add text.

Step Three: You can further edit the length of the video or tap”Next”.

Step Four:  At the bottom, tap “Text”.

Step Five: Type the text that you want to add here. You can also customise the text here. Once finalize the text, tap “Done” above.

Step Six:Tap at the text. A pop-up menu will be shown. Tap “Set Duration”.

Step Seven: You can adjust when do you want the text to appear and disappear here.The red area represents the duration the text will appear in your video.

Step Eight: You can add other text to appear after the previous text disappear.

Step Nine: Similar to previous step, tap “Set Duration” and tap “Next”.

Step Ten: Set the duration for the text to appear after the first text disappear here.

Step Eleven: Once you are satisified with the text animation, add caption and tap “Post”.

You will then have a TikTok video where you have a text that appear and disappear during the duration of the video.