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Year of Goodbyes Chapter 1


I froze when I saw the report.
Only one time and I’m pregnant? I’m only 19 and already pregnant?
What do I do now?
Should I tell Liam? And then what, he’s gonna believe that it’s me – but not his girlfriend –who had the drunk sx with him? No. He will think I’m
nasty and cursing me for playing tricks – using the babe to blackmail
I sighed and put the report into my handbag and leave the hospital.

25 years old Arabella steps out of the plane and breathes the fresh air of Arizona. It has been 6 years since she left but nothing much has changed, except her.

Memories of the past came flooding in like an avalanche in her brain. But she’s not here to reminisce, she’s here for her mom. She rushed through the gate with her 5-year-old daughter in her arms and went out to catch a cab. But she didn’t expect to see the one person she dreaded to see for many years… Liam Jones.

God! What on earth is this man doing here? Oh God please I don’t need this right now, I just want to see my mom. Okay calm down Arabella, he doesn’t notice you yet so you are safe. Just walk slowly and look in another direction, he’s busy talking to his phone so just pretend you did not see him alright?

Oh, God! Oh God! please just this once hear my pleas, I promise I will go to church often, just please don’t let him see us.

Yep God must be feeling hilarious today because right on cue when Bella came into full view Liam raised his head and their eyes locked. If you say Liam is shocked would be an understatement, he froze!

He is looking at Arabella intensely and shifting his gaze from her to the little girl she’s holding. Arabella is also frozen, she can’t look away even if she wanted to.

Seeing Liam after 6 years still gives butterflies in her stomach but most importantly she is nervous. Liam walked slowly towards her and all she can think about is to bolt to the nearest cab but nope, she stood frozen as he approached.

” Bella? Is that you?” Liam asked as he got nearer and looked at the cute little girl in her arms. He can’t explain what he’s feeling right now aside from shock to seeing her again but he’s also happy that she’s here.

When he looked at the little girl he can’t seem to shake the feeling of joy and protectiveness but most of all jealousy. So she’s married and got a kid, she has moved on.

” Liam!! Hiiii!” she forced herself to act natural and happy to see him although her heart is beating 200 beats per second. ” Good to see you! What are you doing here? Flying somewhere?” She asked with a forced smile on her face that her jaws hurt.

” Ahh no, I’m waiting for someone, my ahm” but before he can finish what he was saying a high-pitched voice can be heard from behind her.

” Liam baby I’m here!!!” The girl ran straight to Liam and showered his face with kisses. She is tall with short blonde hair, probably a model, Bella thought to herself. She is looking at the girl with raised brows.

” Who do we have here baby?” The girl asked Liam then turned to Bella extending her hand ” Hi I’m Taylor Liam’s girlfriend” the girl smiled at her but she can see through her mask, she’s pretending to be friendly.

” Tay, this is Bella my sister Collette’s childhood best friend. Bella, this is Taylor, my ahm girlfriend.” Liam introduced the two with such difficulty, this is the first time he wished she is not his girlfriend.

” And who is this little cutie over here?” Taylor pinched the little girl’s face which made the little girl wake up and looked around her.

” Mommy where are we?” Asked the little girl. She has dark chocolate eyes and long light brown curly hair with the cutest dimple on each cheek.

Liam was taken aback by the girl’s appearance, he felt something has pinched his heart he doesn’t understand why. The girl looks so familiar but he doesn’t know where he has seen that face.

” We are still at the airport sweetheart, mommy’s going to call a taxi now so we can go see nana okay?’ Bella explained to her daughter then looked at the two people in front of her.

” This is my daughter Sophie, baby these are mommy’s old friends, uncle Liam and Taylor.” She doesn’t want her daughter to call this fake bimbo auntie, if possible she doesn’t want her daughter to ever see her again.

” Okay! sssooo we’ll go ahead Liam, I’m sure mom’s impatiently waiting for us now.” She told Liam.

” Oh okay, yeah sure we’ll go ahead as well. Does Colette know you are coming?” He asked her.

” Ahm no, I haven’t talked to her after I left.” She answered him with sad eyes.

” Please say hi for me and tell her she can come by the house anytime, that is if she still wants to see me.” She added with a sad smile.

” Of course she does, she’s your best friend. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see you. So I’ll see you around? Maybe you can come to the house and meet my parents? I’m pretty sure they missed you too and will be happy to know you have returned and see that you have a cute little girl, you are like family to us you know that right?” Liam stated looking intently at her and her daughter, he came close and kissed her forehead and her daughter as well.

He seems reluctant to leave her but Taylor is looking bored and impatient so they went to their car but then he turns right back and called Bella.

” You know what why don’t we drop you off at your house? I mean we practically live in the same neighborhood. We are just two houses apart after all.” He offered.

” No it’s okay Liam, we can take a cab. I don’t wanna bother you or impose, we’ll be fine.” She declined as gently as she can but Liam as Liam doesn’t take no for an answer.

” No I insist and you will not be imposing. As I’ve said we live near each other it wouldn’t be a bother Bella and your daughter is tired, I know you are too from the flight. Please allow me or Collette will skin me alive if she finds out I left you here.” He insisted and even made a joke about her sister.

” Are you sure it’s okay?” She asked shyly and glanced at Taylor who is already sitting in front of the car looking irritated.

” Yeah of course it is, I’d love to hear about your life this past 5 years.” He smiled at her making those two cute dimples come out from his cheeks. The dimples she so adored growing up and the same dimples she sees every single day for the past 6 years.

” Okay if you insist I will appreciate it very much” she then accepted his offer which made him very happy, he suddenly kissed her cheek and kissed Sophie’s head. He took their luggage and put it in the trunk and guided her and her daughter to the back seat of his car.

Arabella didn’t know she was holding her breath up until now, she stood frozen. What just happened?! Why did he kiss me and Sophie with her girlfriend around?

Oh man, I shouldn’t have come but my mom needs me now and besides, she hasn’t met her grandchild yet. All she saw was pictures and constant phone calls from them, now it’s time they meet.

Her mom was so devastated when she decided to run away after her graduation. She didn’t tell her the reason why at first but when she got pregnant, she has no one but her mom to turn to.

Now her past seems to catch up with her, the problem is, can she handle what’s going to happen? Can she honestly say she’s over him when in fact she cannot, even if she wanted to?

Every day she’s reminded of that one night, one happy memory that she can keep for a lifetime. But that’s what it is, a memory, he has obviously moved on and forgot about her.

The ride home was not so pleasant for Arabella, Taylor’s constant flirting with Liam irritates her. She tried to tune out Taylor’s irritating voice and looked at the scenery outside, how she missed this place.

It brings back memories of both happiness and sadness, she stole a glance at Liam and looked at the rearview mirror to find him staring at her. She averted her gaze and instantly her face heated, she knows she probably looked flushed right now.

She gathered her daughter closer to her to cover her face and looked once again outside. She was busy looking at the scenery that she didn’t hear when Liam asked her something.

” Bella” He called her attention again.

” huh? Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.” She replied nervously.

” I asked how’s life in Denver?” Liam told her smiling at her from the mirror.

“It was fine, I got my degree. I was teaching at the Kindergarten for 2 years before I decided to quit and come home. It was a tough decision because it will be hard especially for Sophie to be in a new environment but Mom needs me here. I guess you know she’s not feeling okay right?” She looked at him and he nodded and smiled sadly.

” Yeah, I heard what happened to her at the facility. She had a mild stroke, right? We went to visit her at the hospital but she didn’t mention you are coming home. So that means you’re staying for good?” He asked with hopeful eyes and gave his dimpled smile again. That smile got her into trouble many times before and it has the same effect on her even after so many years.

” She didn’t tell me about her condition until a nurse from the hospital called me. I resigned right away from my job and packed our things. I’ve applied to a local school here as a kindergarten teacher, I have an appointment this Monday with the Principal.” She told him to avoid eye contact.

” Wow! So proud of you babe, you’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I can still remember when you were younger and used to hang out with Collette. I always see you try to teach a group of teddies and Collette how to read.” He said laughing a bit, he didn’t realize that he just called her babe. Arabella, on the other hand, is feeling hot and awkward, she can see Taylor’s face turned sour.

” Hahaha yeah, you used to tease me nonstop then until I start to cry and Collette would always go after you with a stick in her hand. How is she by the way? Is she married?” She also laughed at the memories, how she missed her best friend but she was just scared she will not talk to her because she left without saying goodbye.

” No she’s not but soon, she just got engaged 2 months ago. She has her own boutique in town and her fiance Mathew is a lawyer.” He informed her. ” What about you? Where’s your husband?” He added. Arabella was taken off guard by his question, she panicked for a while but was able to regain her composure.

” I don’t have a husband, he left me when I was pregnant,” She said with a hushed tone and looked at her sleeping daughter who is now starting to stir and opened her eyes.

” Mommy are we there yet?” Sophie asked her.

” Not yet sweetheart but almost” She replied and help her sit in a comfortable position in her lap. Sophie’s eyes landed on Liam and smiled.

” Hi uncle Liam, when are we arriving at Nana’s house? I’m hungry” She asked him and pouted a little, giving her puppy eyes, and looked at Liam in the mirror. Liam’s eyes twinkled at her cuteness and he can’t seem to shake the pang in his heart at her words.

” We’re almost there sweetheart, don’t worry. I’m sure your nana prepared all your favorite food.” He answered her and used the same endearment Bella used for her.

He caught Bella staring at him in the mirror before she abruptly looked away. He can see her cheeks blushing and it tugged at his heart to see her flustered like this.

The Arabella she knew when she was 19 was pretty but the 25 years old Arabella now is gorgeous. She filled up in the right places, her hazel eyes still hold purity and innocence.

He can’t explain the feeling he felt when she said she doesn’t have a husband. It was both a relief and sadness, she must have been through a lot. He admired her so much for raising her child alone, is it the reason why she left?

Because some dommys got her pregnant but didn’t have the balls to man up? If he ever meets that guy, he will give him a piece of his mind and more. The overwhelming protectiveness towards her came back. He has always been protective of her.

” Okay. Mommy what if nana doesn’t like me? What if she doesn’t want us in her house?” Sophie turned to her mother and asked her with worried teary eyes.

” What? Why would you think that love? Of course, nana loves you. She’s so excited to meet you, she will kiss you many times you will beg her to stop. And I’m sure you will be sleeping in her room more often. She loves you very much sweetheart and she can’t wait to have you in her arms.” Bella assured her daughter and kissed her little hands and head.

” Sweetheart, you tell me if your nana turned into a witch then I will come and rescue you and your mommy okay?” Liam told her smiling which made Sophie giggled and Bella glaring at him.

” But I’m pretty sure your nana loves you peanut, she will adore you the moment she sees you, I know I do.” He added and Bella’s heartbreak a little. She tried to swallow the lump in her throat and busied herself fixing Sophie’s long curly hair.

The hurt in Bella’s eyes didn’t escape Liam, he can see right through her. He had to clear his throat several times and looked at the road ahead.

Good thing his girlfriend is sleeping beside him or she might see the effect Arabella has on him. He thought the attraction he had for Arabella was just fleeting but seeing her now after 5 years all grown up, matured, and still the sweetest and loving girl she was.

He knew his heart is in deep trouble once again. He was so devastated when he knew she left without any word and didn’t even try to contact anyone or at least Collette.

The last time he saw her was during the after-party for their high school graduation at his house. He was so drunk that night but he remembered they were talking by the lake. He had too much alcohol that night because he was so jealous of the guys who kept on approaching her.

All he remembered was him kissing her by the lake but everything else was a blur, he woke up in the morning with the nastiest hangover and a tint of blood on his sheet. He can’t even remember who was the girl he had sx with that night.

Finally, they are in their neighborhood, Liam dropped of Arabella and Sophie first before going to their house. He went down his car and helped Arabella carry her suitcases inside.

Agnes was out her door the moment she heard a car parked outside. She had tears in her eyes and was smiling happily, finally her little is home and she can hug her grandchild. But when she saw Liam she paled, she transferred her troubled eyes to her daughter who also has a conflicting look in her eyes.

” Oh, my girls! You are finally here! I thought I will wait forever for you to arrive!” She hugged both her girls and took Sophie from her mother’s arms and rained kisses on her face. Sophie was so happy and was giggling nonstop, Bella and Liam watch them with wide eyes.

” Liam! How come you sent them home? Did you know Bella’s coming?” Agnes asked Liam and looked at Arabella suspiciously.

” Oh no aunt Agnes, we just met at the airport. I was waiting for Taylor’s flight when I saw Bella came out of the gate. I offered to send them home since we live near to each other.” Liam explained awkwardly.

” Oh okay, what a coincidence huh? Must be fate.” Agnes answered cryptically and glanced at her daughter who is now throwing daggers at her.

” Mom! why don’t we go inside, it’s getting late and cold and we are starving.” She pushed her mother inside and gathered her suitcases but before she went in she turned to Liam and smiled awkwardly. ” Thanks again for the lift Liam, I really appreciate it and please tell Collette I say hi.”

” Ahm yeah, it’s really not a big deal what are neighbors for, right? Anyway, I have to get going, and I will surely tell Collette you’re here. Expect an avalanche in a little while, knowing her, she won’t stay put and start banging on your door.” Liam laughed, he said goodbye but he’s not even moving. He seemed reluctant to part with her, he just can’t get enough of her.

She really is so gorgeous, he is having a hard time controlling himself, not to grab her, and hug her tight. After a few more goodbyes, he finally walks back to his car and drives home.

” What took you too long, baby? I’m dying here and starving. Why didn’t you just dropped them off and leave? She’s not your ex, isn’t she? You seem so eager to chat with her, and she looks so smitten with you, it’s disgusting.” Taylor complained irritation is visible on her face.

” What? No, Tay, she is like my little sister. As I’ve told you, she is my sister’s best friend. I haven’t seen her for 6 years, I can’t just treat her like I don’t know her.” Liam answered heatedly. He is pissed with her behavior and hostility against Bella.

” Huh, little sister ha? If I’d known better, I think you are crushing on her. You can’t take your eyes off of her and paying more attention to her than me. Me, your girlfriend, who flew hundreds of miles to see you.” She continued badgering, and it annoyed him more.

” You are just tired, Tay, you are imagining things that don’t exist. Let’s stop discussing Bella, alright? She has done nothing to you, so don’t judge her based on the first impression.” He put a stop to their argument and exited the car.

They have arrived at their house, he took Taylor’s suitcase and walked to the front door. Taylor followed him with a scowl on her face, she knows there’s more to it than Liam wants to let on. One thing is for sure, she will not let that bimbo come close to her man.

” Liam you’re here! Oh, hello Taylor, welcome.” Collette greeted her brother and gave Taylor a nod. She doesn’t like her for her brother, but she can’t do anything about it.

” Hello dear Collette, how are you? I miss you.” Taylor hugged Collette, beamed at her with a fake smile, and kissed both cheeks. Collette made a gagging face and rolled her eyes, which made Liam chuckle.

” Wow, in good mood are we?” Collette asked Taylor with raised brows.

” Hey, Cole, guess who I’ve met at the airport a while ago?” Liam was grinning at her sister, excitement on his face.

” Who?” Collette was intrigued.

” Bella. She finally came home, sis, after 6 years, she’s back. I just dropped her off at their house before coming here.” He informed his sister, Collette was wide-eyed and didn’t move or speak for a second, then she screamed so loud that her parents came running.

” What is going on here? Where’s the fire?!” Her Father asked stunned.

” Daddy! Daddy! Bella is back! I’ve got to go! I need to go see her!” And before anyone can say anything she’s out the door like a flash.

” Bella, as in little Arabella?” Her mother turned to Liam with a confused face.

” Yes mom, little Bella is home and she got the cutest and prettiest little girl. You got to meet them, mom, you will fall in love with her daughter, I know I did.” Liam said animatedly.

” She’s married?!” His dad asked surprised.

” No dad, she said that dude left her when she got pregnant, but I admire her though, despite her predicament, she was able to raise her child alone and got a degree. She applied to our local school here as a Kindergarten Teacher.” He told them proudly.

” Oh, I always know our little Bella will go far. She is smart, responsible, and respectful not to add a very beautiful young girl.” Her mom nodded her head and happiness and pride are visible on her face.

” Ehherm, hello Mr. and Mrs. Jones, what a lovely home you got.” Taylor made her presence known, she felt a little left out with their conversation.

” Oh, hi dear, I’m sorry, where are our manners, welcome. How was your flight?” Liam’s mother greeted her with a smile. Even though she doesn’t like this girl, she has to endure her presence, for her son.

She cannot understand what he sees in her, with all that fake body, and a fake smile. Not to mention her awful personality.

” Oh, the flight was fine, Mrs. Jones, it was tolerable, but I hate the service. The flight attendants are all so dumb, and slow.” She criticized the staff and calling them names, which made Liam grimaced and her parents glared at him.

Their eyes are asking him, why on earth did he choose her? He could do better than this plastic, spoiled fake barbie. Funny, because he’s been asking himself that same question the moment he saw Arabella.

She is way behind Bella, physically and mentally, her personality compared to Bella’s is like comparing a lion to a lamb. She is nothing like Bella, and she never will be.

I and mom are happily chatting about our lives for the past 6 years, while Sophie is at her Nana’s lap. My mom was over the moon when she finally held Sophie in her arms, she never let go since we arrived. She showered her with kisses and just stared at her, but I can see the worry in her eyes when she glanced at me.

” Bella, are you sure of this? I told you I am going to be just fine, you don’t have to come back home.” She told me, worry evident on her face while glancing at Sophie. I looked at my little girl busy playing with her Nana’s scarf.

The truth is I’m really scared right now, but sooner or later I have to face the music and just let God do his magic. I cannot hide Sophie forever, she deserves to know her roots and meet her father.

When she started asking about her father, all I said was that he’s away on a very secret mission. My heart shattered every time she asks why she doesn’t have a dad and her classmates have. She often asks if her dad hates her that’s why he didn’t want to see her, I cry myself to sleep every night, hurting for my little girl.

That is why I decided to come back, I want to see if he can recognize his own flesh and blood. The look on his face when he saw Sophie was priceless, I was hopeful, but then he masked it with disappointment, my heart was crushed.

” Mom, I’m sure, I think it’s time,” I told her tiredly and looked at my baby with sad eyes. Then we heard a very loud knock on the door, almost banging.

I got up and as soon as I opened the door I was tackled to the floor by a very angry woman. Collette, my best friend was hugging me so tight I almost choked, I patted her arm to let me go and we stood up.

” Where have you been?! Why didn’t you call? Did I do or say something wrong that you have to go away and hide?!” She fired so many questions I’m having a whiplash, I am catching my breath from her death grip just now.

Sophie started crying, she thought Collete was attacking me so I went to her right away and took her in my arms. She stopped crying instantly and buried her face in my neck, Collette had a shocked look on her face.

” You have a daughter and you didn’t tell me?!” She glared at me, looking at my daughter and then back to me.

” Hello to you too Collete, I’m fine by the way, thank you for asking,” I tell her in a very sarcastic tone and rolled my eyes.

” Why don’t you both sit down, I’ll go get some tea.” My mom said standing up and going to the kitchen.

” Well? Are you going to tell me? What happened Bell?’ She asked in a very serious tone now.

” This happened,” I replied pointing to my daughter, Sophie. ” Baby, this is auntie Collete, mommy’s best friend.” I urged Sophie to lift her head and look at Collete, as soon as she did, Collete gasped loudly.

” Hello, auntie Coyet,” she said shyly, not able to pronounce Collette’s name properly, and laid her head in my chest. Collete looked at me incredulously, eyes wide, mouth hanging.

I smiled at her weakly, feeling sorry and sad that she has to know this way. I know it is wrong of me to hide what happened that night. I was just so hurt and confused and scared that she might get angry, but judging on her reaction right now, she’s more hurt than angry.

” Bella, you have to tell me or I will go crazy. My mind is running a hundred miles per minute here, tell me I’m not mistaken. Tell me she’s not who I think she is.” She begged, tears in her eyes, I started to tear up as well and nodded slowly. She covered her face and sobbed, I feel so sorry that I wasn’t able to stop the tears myself.

” Mommy, why are you and auntie Coyet cwaying?” Sophie asked and wiped my face. I kissed her hand and smiled at her.

” We are just so happy we see each other again, Princess. These are tears of joy, right Collette?” I turned to Collete who seemed to get a hold of her emotions.

” Yes, yes baby, I am just so happy to see your mommy again and to meet you. Can you give auntie Collete a hug too?” She agreed, smiling at Sophie, and opened her arms for her.

Sophie looked at me as if asking for confirmation, so I nodded and let her go down and walk to Collette’s waiting arms. Collette hugged her tight and started crying again, kissing all over her face.

” I am so happy to finally meet you, baby, I will spoil you with toys and clothes, just wait and see. Then you will meet your gra…ahm my parents, they will adore you and spoil you too.” She told Sophie and Sophie’s face lit up like a Christmas tree upon hearing the word toys.

I glared at Collette and she glared back at me. My mom came back with our tea and she took Sophie with her and told her she will show her my baby photos. I looked at my mom and thank her with my eyes, I have some explaining to do to my best friend and I don’t want Sophie to hear it.

When they left the room, Collette and I were staring at each other, waiting who would talk first. I cleared my throat and started talking.

” It happened the night of our graduation party at your house 6 years ago. Remember when Liam got into a fight with his football buddy? The night he discovered that his beach of a girlfriend cheated on him with his buddy?” I asked her and she nodded.

“Well, prior to that, we were by the lake talking. He was already a bit drunk and I was also tipsy, we were just talking at first, then I don’t know how it happened, we started kissing. You know I was in love with your brother for years, right?” I asked her again and she nodded, now curiously eyeing me.

“So when he kissed me I was over the moon, the scene, the weather was so perfect and I gave my first kiss to my first love. But then he ended the kiss saying he was sorry and didn’t know what came over him and that it was a mistake.” I looked down and started tearing up.

“So I followed my instinct, I ran and hide in one of the bathrooms. When I finally came out, it was when Liam had a fight with his mate. We tried to stop them and brought Liam to his room, we tended to his wounds and then you asked me to stay with him while you pacify the crowd downstairs.” I played with my fingers and sighed loudly.

“I stayed even though I know I shouldn’t, but he looked so hurt and so helpless so took care of him. But when I was wiping his face with the washcloth, he grabbed me unexpectedly and pinned me to the bed. He was stronger than me even when he was so drunk. He started kissing me and started crying, my defenses broke and I gave in. I just want him to love me and see me, I thought he finally did. But after we had sx, he suddenly said, ” you can get out now, Jenny, we are over,” my world shattered along with my heart that night.” Tears escaped my eyes and I wiped them quickly, Collette is looking at me with sadness and pity.

“He thought I was Jenny, he thought he was making love with his girlfriend, not me. So tell me, Collette, what would you have me do? He didn’t know it was me, that’s why I stopped going to your house after that. But when I realized my period didn’t come, I bought the kit and checked if what I’m thinking is correct.” I shook my head and raked my fingers through my hair.

“Then I found out I was pregnant, I got scared and I don’t know how to tell mom, you or Liam. I don’t want you to think that I did it on purpose, to get Liam and force him to marry me. Honestly, all of it was my fault, I could have prevented it but I didn’t because I loved him too much. I did what I thought was right for everyone, it was hard but I didn’t regret everything that’s happened.” I told her wiping my tears, she was a crying mess too then she grabbed me and hugged me tightly.

” I am so sorry, Bell, I am so sorry I was too busy partying that night that I neglected you. You should have told me, I could have helped you, you know I wouldn’t turn my back on you. I will kill Liam for doing that to you! He didn’t even recognize his own daughter!” She was fuming at Liam, I grabbed her hands and squeezed them.

” I am sorry, Cols, but as you can see, I survived. I’ve made a career for myself and I raised Sophie as best as I could.” I pleaded with her and she nodded and hugged me again.

” So what are you going to do now?” She asked.

” I don’t really know, I thought he would recognize Sophie but he didn’t, and I don’t want to tell him also the same goes with you. I don’t want you to interfere, Collette, let him discover the truth himself. Please promise me Cols, let’s just wait, I’m putting my trust in God, hoping he would realize and remember what happened that night.” I begged Collette, he bit her lip and draws her brows together clearly not liking the idea but then she conceded and made a promise.

I smiled at her sadly and we set that issue aside. We started talking about our lives these past 6 years and reminisce about the past. For now, the storm has calmed down, I will let tomorrow worry about itself and go with the flow.

Collette ended up staying the night. We talked the whole night, filling each other in about our lives for the past six years. She told me about her fiance, Todd, and how they met. I told her about my life in Denver and my struggles when I had Sophie.

It was dawn when we finally went to sleep, it’s as if we are back to our teenage days. We always have a sleepover, but I enjoyed sleeping at their house more, one because she has a very big bed and her room is decorated like a Princess room.

Two, because Liam is there, he would always hang out with us whenever I’m around and always very attentive. He would always ask me if I needed anything, even in school, he tries to hang with me and Collette even if he’s 3 years ahead of us.

I was so heartbroken when he left for the University, and always make sure I am at their house whenever he comes home for the break. My crush turned to love as years passed by, I broke my heart when he brought his girlfriend home one spring break.

They were so sweet and he seldom hangs out with us. The following years, I avoided going to their house if I knew his girlfriend is there again. Collette didn’t ask, she doesn’t have to.

She knows I am in love with his brother for the longest time. Collette and I don’t like Jenny, we heard so many rumors about her. We tried telling Liam, but he blew us off and got pissed.

So we let him be, what he discovered that night at our graduation party was way past overdue. Everybody knows that his girlfriend is fking every guy that hits on her except him. Maybe Jenny thought Liam wouldn’t find out since he was so drunk that night, but I was happy he did.

I remembered vividly what we talked about that night by the lake.

Graduation Party 2016 Arizona

I was feeling suffocated by all the smoke and loud music in the house that’s why I stepped out and headed to the lake.

This is my favorite spot in the Jones’ mansion, they have a lake at the back of the house. I took off my shoes and dipped my feet in the warm water, the moon is full tonight and its reflection on the water added to the beauty of the lake.

I went to my favorite spot, a big branch of the tree, and sat there. I inhaled the fresh scent of the lake and of nature and looked up at the sky, there are so many stars out tonight. I heard a twig broke near me and I abruptly looked back. Liam is walking towards me, a drink in hand.

” Hey, beautiful, what are you doing here all alone? Why aren’t you at your party?” He asked smiling down at me then sat beside me. I scooch a bit to make room for him and smiled shyly. It always makes me blush when I hear him call me beautiful.

” I’m just taking a break, all those loud noise and cigarette smoke make me dizzy and I feeling a little bit tipsy already. Collette has been making me drink more than I can handle, you know I don’t drink much.” I told him and looked back at the lake. I heard him chuckle and took a swig on his drink before he spoke again.

” So are you ready for the University, Bel? I heard you wanted to be a teacher, have you found a school yet?” He asked me again and adjusted his form facing me, he is straddling the branch and almost like encasing me in his thighs.

I blushed again and tried to hide it with my hair covering my eyes, I suddenly feel conscious. He tucked my hair behind my ears to uncover my face and lifted my chin.

” Hey, why are you always so shy around me? Do not hide your face from me, Bel, I love looking at your innocent, beautiful face. He smiled softly and caressed my face with the lightest touch, I stared at him with wide eyes.

” I’m not shy, it’s just that I don’t want people staring at me, it makes me uncomfortable. To answer your question, yeah I found a University not far from here and they accepted my application. I don’t want to study so far away from momma, I will miss her terribly.” I told him, shrugging my shoulder and biting my lower lip. His eyes are trained on my lips and he bit his own lip and swallowed hard.

” Don’t do that babe,” he groaned and closed his eyes.

” Huh? Do what?” I asked him puzzled. Then he sighed deeply and open his eyes, he stared at me for a few seconds before he whispered.

” Don’t bite your lip like that, it makes me want to kiss you.” I gasped and stared at him in shock. Now I feel hot and I’m pretty sure my face turned as red as a tomato. I swiftly averted my eyes and looked at the lake.

” Haha, Liam, don’t play with me.” I laughed awkwardly and unconsciously bit my lip again.

I heard him curse and turned my face towards him. He stared at me intensely, looking at my lips then at my eyes, a tormented look on his eyes.

Then without a warning, he captured my lips in a searing kiss, I was too shocked to react at first. Then he bit my lower Iip a little bit too hard and made me gasp in surprise.

He took the opportunity to delve his tongue inside my mouth and caressed every nook and cranny. I moaned in ecstasy and started kissing him back. He is a good kisser, he knows how to solicit a response from me and made me want more.

He is holding my face in place and explored my mouth thoroughly. We separated not because we wanted to but because we need to, we ran out of air. He placed small kisses all over my face and captured my lips again.

Then he abruptly stopped and stared at me with wide eyes, he dropped his hand from my face and stood up.

” I’m sorry, Bella, I didn’t know what came over me. This is not right, this should not have happened, I’m sorry.” I stared at him in shock and hurt, tears fell down my eyes and I covered my mouth before my sobs come out.

He said it was a mistake, but his kisses told me otherwise. I stood up too and ran towards the house. I heard him call my name but I never stopped, I was so embarrassed and hurt that I just wanted to hide.

Liam Jones finally kissed me, but he said he was sorry as if it was a mistake. My heart broke a little again, all because of that one boy.

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