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How to duet a tiktok with a video from gallery

Duet with another user on TikTok is very funny. You can use a photo from camera roll to duet via green screen effect. Unfortunately, you cannot use a pre-recorded video to duet  via green screen video effect. In this article I will show you how to easily duet a tiktok with a video from gallery. No need to install the new app.

Step One: Download the video you want to duet

1.Tap the “Share” button on the video you want to duet.

2.Choose “Save video” to download.

Step Two: Merge via a free online tool called Kapwing

The detail about how to merge via this tool please click Kapwing or refer to the steps below:

1)  Open Collage Maker

Click online free tool Collage Maker

2) Upload videos

Click Upload to insert your first video from your device. After you have uploaded your first video, you click Upload again to upload the second video which is downloaded from tiktok.

3) Position Videos Side by Side

Once both videos have been uploaded, position them side by side on the canvas. Move your videos around by clicking and dragging, and resize them by dragging the blue corner dots and choosing fill (to keep video fully visible) or lock the aspect ratio to prevent the dimensions from changing. You can choose to make your videos immediately adjacent or you can put thin borders around each piece of media.

4) Export video

Click Export Video, Stand by while it’s exporting.

  • 5)Download

Once the export video finished, click Download to download the merged video.

Step Three: Post

That’s it, all you have to do now is post your video onto TikTok.

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How to make text appear and disappear on tiktok

Here we show you simple steps how to animate your text in TikTok Videos:

Step One: Open your TikTok and record your video, or choose video from your photo gallery.

Step Two: Choose your video where you want to add text.

Step Three: You can further edit the length of the video or tap”Next”.

Step Four:  At the bottom, tap “Text”.

Step Five: Type the text that you want to add here. You can also customise the text here. Once finalize the text, tap “Done” above.

Step Six:Tap at the text. A pop-up menu will be shown. Tap “Set Duration”.

Step Seven: You can adjust when do you want the text to appear and disappear here.The red area represents the duration the text will appear in your video.

Step Eight: You can add other text to appear after the previous text disappear.

Step Nine: Similar to previous step, tap “Set Duration” and tap “Next”.

Step Ten: Set the duration for the text to appear after the first text disappear here.

Step Eleven: Once you are satisified with the text animation, add caption and tap “Post”.

You will then have a TikTok video where you have a text that appear and disappear during the duration of the video.